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“Too often, big bosses deal with their own visions instead with those of their customers.”
Hans-Olaf Henkel (*14.03.1940); Manager, Functionary of associations and political journalist


You want less bureaucracy and more productivity in your enterprise?

Small and medium enterprises of technical and service sectors will be advised individually in organizational development (e.g. job descriptions, organizational charts, preliminary certification, organizational analysis) in a long-term stewardship.

Small and medium businesses will be advised by me individually and in a long-term stewardship.

  • Organizational Analysis
  • Process Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Job Descriptions
  • Organizational Charting


You want less excuses and more economic success in sales?

Indoor and field service sellers, sales staff and sales consultants will be trained and practice-oriented by me.

  • Sales Techniques
  • Time-management and self-management


You want to concentrate on your strengths and deal better with your weaknesses?

Entrepreneurs, managers and executives will be supported by me individually and target-oriented in selecting employees, leadership, time-management and self-management.

  • Functional: Marketing and Controlling
  • Personal: Identify disturbances and develop growth potential


In co-operation with experienced specialists we will provide you with a comprehensive and competent service. Whatever your question, we will find an answer. Therefore, please contact me.

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