Whoever plants a tree will gain heaven.


Training, consulting and coaching from one source!
The holistic approach for your marketing claims.

For me, a company is like a well-rooted, healthy and well-branched tree. This tree grows only in the most optimal environment. The right light, sufficient water, fertile soils and sustainable care are vital to its maximum development. Without these factors, the tree has no chance of survival and growth.

As with the tree, in a rapidly changing environment, a company also needs the following characteristics for healthy and sustainable growth:

Entrepreneurial visions and mission statement

The right elements unleash growth strength.

A sophisticated concept plans all steps to realize the success of your business and create a conceptual basis for all subsequent actions.

  • Market Research
  • Target Group Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Advertising Concept
  • Customer Loyalty Systems
  • Customer Communication

Maintain your good reputation!.

My purpose is to develop and strengthen this growth factor in your business.

Thereby we can sustainably set up your business in the market and enable growth through a solid foundation.

  • Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Design, visual corporate identity
  • Logo Development
  • Image Advertising
  • Sponsorship

Market-oriented products and services

Identify your competitive advantages and present your business in the best possible light to the public.

  • Advertising, print campaigns, brochures
  • Dialogue marketing, direct marketing, direct mailing
  • Sales promotion, trade marketing
  • Press and Public Relations
  • Exhibition Presence

Motivated and committed staff

Fertile ground germinates ideas.

Only with the right conditions can a business grow.

Professional coaching makes your company fit for strong growth in sales and profitability.

  • Coaching of executives
  • Sales Training
  • Distribution Training
  • Team Development
  • Employee motivation
My purpose is to develop and strengthen these growth factors in your business. Thereby we can sustainably set up your business on the market and enable growth through a solid foundation.

WolfBirgit Wolf

Born in 1967


  • Wholesale and export merchant - 1987
  • Diploma in Business Administration 1996
  • CI adviser to Gerhard Regenthal 2004

Business management consultant for small and medium businesses

Executive Coach for Leadership and Personal Development

Trainer for companies in sales and marketing
(In-house and open trainings)


Coach for start-ups and existing businesses
(inter alia KFW, RKW)


Host and moderator for events up to 400 people


Knowledge of branches

  • Industry
  • IT companies
  • Social services

Birgit Wolf Marketing-Coach