Who we most need in life is someone who makes us to do what we are 
capable of


Sense of leadership

If leadership is to make sense, it needs real and close leadership through personalities - your personality. Therefore a company's success depends on excellent and effective cooperation of managers and employees.


How management makes sense in your company?

This issue I solve in close co-operation with you - tailored to your needs.

Especially for the managers of the various departments, in team coaching we will expand the "tool box" of leadership for supervisors in the context of your business ethics.


Coaching of executives of small businesses

The interaction of management and organization of work within a company plays an increasingly important role. As a leader are you an experienced „Work-Life-Balance-Manager“? A Coaching to adapt a Work-Life-Balance optimizes the situation of labor organization in your business.

Coaching for entrepreneurs

According to the business plan, the focus is particularly on customer acquisition as well as the calculation of hourly rates and sales prices. The coaching takes place upon request, on a professional and personal level – specifically tailored to your needs. Depending on the respective funding the financing of the coaching for entrepreneurs is subsidized by KfW , RKW or TCC.


My coaching services for your business:

Coaching of executives regarding

  • Leadership
  • Creativity Techniques
  • Planning, implementation and monitoring of corporate objectives
  • Recruitment for readjustments


Elaboration of the mission statement

  • Development of the business philosophy
  • Development and implementation of a corporate identity
  • Planning, implementation and monitoring of corporate objectives

Optimization of communication between employees and managers

  • Use of innovative communication tools